why do we celebrate birthdays with cake?

It is good to be thankful for what you have in your life.Your life, your accomplishments, your dreams and your success.All about you! Open your eyes to a more picture life more broad, what would have happened to the things you have if you were not there in the world? What if life had not given you a chance to actually be alive? It is truly said that if we are to appreciate the fruits of life, me must first appreciate the tree that bears the fruit. And for life, it is the Birth itself.

When you are born, you don’t know what actual life is and how the world is going to be, you’ve no idea. The life gives you a chance to start with something, to fulfill your unique mission in your life and be successful.The day you first opened your eyes becomes a memory altogether for you, your family and your well-wishers on birthday occasion.And each year when the day comes,it is called your birthday.have a very happy birthday to you will wish by everyone A birthday is a momentous occasion, to be commemorated just as a nation commemorates its birth.Your birthday is a chance for you to gather all the moments of your life together and to spend some time with them.

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A birthday is a joy in itself,something that you and your family looks forward to always. Your friends, your family, your companions, ¬†everybody is there on your birthday, making prayers for your well being, gift you presents and talk about life a lot. You do spend some quality time together. A birthday can also teach us the concept of rebirth where you don’t mind what things happened last day or last months. All you do is think about the new life, trying to a build and plot plans for your upcoming year. Your birthday is a refresher to start over and regenerate spiritually as well as mentally.

Apart from this, you get presents on your birthday too which increases love between you and the ones who gift you things. You get to thank each person which creates a feeling of humbleness and gratitude among you and you start being thankful a lot.

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You might be claiming so far, ¬†“Okay I’m a good person and I’m thankful.”But this is always not enough.Saying that you’re thankful is easy but proving it takes effort and a chance and what chance do you need more than a birthday? Do something good for your birthday not because somebody is forcing you to, but do it with full heart and believe that life has something more great ahead.

Humans are always a gift. Every single person on this world is unique.So why not to celebrate your uniqueness? Celebrate your birthday because you believe in yourself. You have that talent to outstanding everybody. You have that knowledge that will succeed you. You have a true identity and you’re special because there is nobody else like you in this world.You’re the only person of your kind and you need to celebrate about it.

So go on and enjoy your birthday.Invite all of your crazy friend and have fun.Live your life to the fullest. There’s nobody else like you and you need to encourage this fact!