Social Security loans – How to get the loan of honor.

The Cnpr (national fund for Social Security and Assistance for Accountants and Commercial Experts) is a non-optional but mandatory social security institution, which mainly deals with the payment of the pension accrued by its beneficiaries (from the budget this sphere almost engages the 80% of the total resources). Over time, it has expanded its services, also occupying areas related to the provision of loans (which directly affects about 2% of the resources of the CNR).

These are paid directly, especially in the form of subsidies and supplementary contributions to salaries, and in the form closest to those facilitated as in the case of the loan of honor under 38 years. If you want to obtain personal loans with lower rates than the average of the loan or mortgage market, then you can approach those that are the result of agreements with private banks. Among the most active are the Best Bank.

Conditions and requirements for mortgage and loan applications

Conditions and requirements for mortgage and loan applications

The active agreements for the request for purchase, restructuring and construction mortgages (generally with the SAL formula) are mainly with Best Bank, followed by the Mps. In particular, we find the following characteristics.


The maximum amount that is granted is 350 thousand USD. However, another limit applies which is given by the percentage of 70% of the purchase price or construction cost. The mortgage does not necessarily have to be of the first degree, but can also be of a subsequent degree. In addition, the purposes provide for the possibility of requesting a loan also to purchase a studio. The duration can be chosen between 5, 10 15 or 20 years.

The spread is 1.1% for the percentages financed between 50 and 70%, while below 50% the spread stops at 0.9% for the pure variable. For the variable rate indexed to the Cream Bank rate, there is a spread of approximately 0.25% higher than that indexed to the 6-month Reference rate bank. The fixed rate starts from a percentage point of spread up to a maximum of 1.35%.

The common expenses for all mortgages are: those of the investigation equal to 150 USD; installment collection costs set at 3.5 USD each. Furthermore, the cost of the appraisal must be considered, which is equal to 200 USD plus VAT in the case of purchase or renovation, while for the construction with Sal, the cost is 85 USD plus VAT for each expert intervention. There is no early repayment penalty if the mortgage request is made by natural persons, otherwise it will be equal to 1% of the amount to be repaid. The mortgage application must be made online, using the appropriate form in the section of the applicant’s personal area.


Also for the request of personal loans it is necessary to use the online channel in order to start the procedure. In this case, then, the whole procedure will always continue remotely, with the sending of the documentation to be signed and forwarded directly to the home or address given during the start-up phase. In order to obtain the facilitated conditions, applied on an amount between 5 thousand and 25 thousand USD, specific requirements must be met which are:

  • have reached at least 2 years of registration and contribution to Cnpr;
  • having made a tax return for the same minimum period;
  • have access to the personal area of ​​the specific section to forward the request.

The duration of these loans must be between 2 and 5 years, while the repayment does not take place on a monthly but quarterly basis (the deadlines are set for January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31 of each year).

As ancillary costs are provided:

  • collection costs rid of 4 USD;
  • preliminary costs (30 USD for amounts up to 15 thousand USD, 50 USD for higher ones).


The Mps reaches up to 30 years of duration for the granting of loans to Cnpr members. However, only those relating to the purchase, renovation or subrogation of a housing unit intended for main residence are accepted as purposes. The limits also include the consistency of the ceiling dedicated to the granting of mortgages until their exhaustion.


Mps makes a distinction between personal loans and professional financing. For the former, the maximum amount that can be granted reaches 60 thousand USD, to be returned within 120 installments at most. While for those of a professional nature the repayment time is halved while the maximum amount rises to 75 thousand USD.

To access the concessions, you must go to one of the MPS branches, demonstrating your Cnpr membership status.

“Direct” CNPR funding

Loans and mortgages disbursed under an agreement are indirect in nature. Cnpr however also provides forms of “help” directly, where the loans of honor stand out, which are however granted through participation in a call. In particular there are two possibilities:

  • the call for the granting of the loan of honor under 38 who want to start a business. The maximum amount that is granted is 10 thousand USD, and a project to start the business must be presented. There is no deadline for the request for funding, provided that it takes place by the end of 2017. From the application, the CNR commission has 60 days to give a positive or negative opinion;
  • similar characteristics for the notice presented by the trainees (with the obligation to use the specific form downloadable directly from the site).



Cnpr loans have a good range of options. Only in the case of contributions (granted upon the occurrence of specific events such as the birth of a child, illness, death, etc.) can we speak of subsidized direct loans. The long partnership especially with Best Bank guarantees good conditions over time and greater ease of access to credit.

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